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First step is to teach the sound that each alphabet makes. There are a lot of videos available on Youtube that teach the sounds of alphabets. Play these everyday for your child. Once they start repeating it, they are ready for word building.

Start with 2 letter words like

Now introduce the 3 letter words just by joining 1 letter to the above 2 letter words like

Allow the kids to identify the letters for these words and make them write it. The joy of writing the word by themselves inspires them more for word building. It is better for the child to learn the technique rather than memorizing the words. This way the child can read any word though he/she has not seen it before. Also explain the meaning of the word and frame a sentence to understand better.

Phonics Lesson 1: 2 and 3 letter words

List of 2 and 3 letter phonetic words for dictation.

Flashcard Quiz : A quiz with 3 letter words

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Phonics Lesson 2: Letters with different sounds. This lesson might be difficult for kids below 5 years of age.

Vowel Worksheet 1

List of 4-6 letter phonetic words for dictation.

Phonogram Words: Some words have to be learnt by showing them to the kids 4-5 times. These words cannot be read using sound technique of phonics.

Words with Silent Letters: Sometimes some letters in words are not pronounced. Here is the list of such words

Words ending with TION and SION

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