Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lion and the Mouse

Once in a jungle a lion was sleeping near a tree. A mouse who lived in a hole under the tree came out and started jumping on the lion.

This disturbed the lion and he woke up in anger. He caught hold of the mouse and was ready to eat him up.
The mouse started to cry and begged for mercy. He said "Forgive me O great King. Let me go and I will help you whenever you are in need." The lion laughed at the mouse and still he let him go.

A few days later a few hunters set a trap in the jungle and the lion by accident got caught in it. He was tied by a rope to a tree. He started to roar for help. The mouse heard his roar and went looking. With his sharp teeth, the mouse cut the rope and set the lion free. The mouse was very happy to help the lion and the lion too was thankful to the little mouse!

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