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Anytime is a good time for a kid to learn. Be it healthy habits or values of life, a toddler or a preschooler can be taught in different ways he/she can understand.

So it is you who has to make the attempt to first understand your kid, the level at which he can learn and start teaching.

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Alternative ways to ask 'How was school today?'

How does your child react to the question 'How was your school today?'. I've never got the required response. So I try to ask alternative questions which will help me know everything that happened in school. Do try it...

Drawing tips and tricks

Provide your kid the right guidance and the right tools.

How to Teach Vowels and Consonants to Kids

Today some kids in a school had test on Vowels and Consonants. All worksheets with lots of fun activities a child likes to do were already done by the kid. But still he was not getting it right.

In some cases we as parents need to try all possible ways to teach the child. Out of them, 1 method might surely work. You should not give up!

How to improve your kid's Handwriting

Some Tips to improve your kids's handwriting. Use the same when you are teaching your kid to write for the first time.

How to teach Multiplication Tables

Many children struggle with their times tables / multiplication tables. As a parent, how are you helping?

Nurture Curiosity in Kids

Some tips to encourage curiosity in kids

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General Knowledge questions for Class 2

General Knowledge questions for Class 3

General Knowledge questions for Class 4 

Slokas for Kids

  Are you a Helicopter Parent???

  Do you hover around your kid like a helicopter? 

Age appropriate chores for kids

Teach kids responsibility through some small chores.

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