Friday, 8 November 2013

Healthy Habits

Eat correct: Try to avoid junk food. Kids should consume more of homemade,  freshly cooked food. Add fruits and vegetables to their diet. This will not only prevent sickness but also obesity in kids.

Do not share everything: Though it is a good habit to share but it has its limits too. Things like water bottles, kerchiefs, combs, toothbrush and bath towels should not be shared.

Sleep: Kids need at least 10 hours of sleep everyday. They develop and grow the most while they are sleeping. Insufficient sleep leads to lack of concentration in any work.

Play: While sleep is important, playing or exercise for the kid is also equally important. Instead of spending hours in front of the tv, playing in fresh air or taking a stroll will be much helpful.

Drink water: Encourage your kids to drink lots of water during the entire day. Even though juices are healthy, water should be given preference. Stay away from sweetened products. This will prevent stomach aches, headaches and crankiness.

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