Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Elephants Never Forget

In a far far away village lived a elephant with his mahout. He used to go for a walk every morning and later go to the village pond to take a bath. He used to play in the water, spray water on himself and the mahout. Both enjoyed this everyday.

Then the mahout used to take the elephant into the village market. They used to stop at every shop. The shopkeepers used to feed the elephant with bananas and leaves. The elephant would then bless them with his trunk.

In the market was a tailors shop. The tailor used to play pranks with everyone in the village. This time he wanted to play a prank with the elephant. After he fed the elephant with a banana, he pricked the elephants trunk with a needle. The elephant was in pain, but he did not do anything to the tailor then.
Days passed. The elephant as usual used to take rounds in the market, get his bananas, but he never blessed the tailor again. The tailor also forgot about the incident.

During Diwali, a lot of people gave their clothes to the tailor to get them stitched. The tailors shop was full of new clothes. The elephant had seen this. He went to the lake to have a bath and while returning filled its trunk with muddy water. As he reached the tailors shop, he sprayed all the muddy water in the tailors shop, spoiling all the new clothes. The villagers whose clothes were spoilt were very angry with him and beat him up. Thus the elephant got his revenge.

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