Monday, 11 November 2013

Concept of Sharing

Teaching a kid the art of sharing is really one of the most difficult task for a parent. It is like asking a kid to part with his valued treasure. At a tender age, a kids mind is not designed to share. They do not understand that giving something to others will make them feel happy. They need to be taught to value others feelings which will lead to sharing.

The topic of sharing comes up when the kid is put with a large group to play. They never agree to share their toys with kids their same age as well as other age groups. They give more priority to owing rather than sharing.

Here are a few ways in which you can help your kid understand this concept:

-Take a positive approach i.e make the child understand that sharing should not be parting with something. They should be given a choice of things they can share. This will give them the feeling of being powerful with respect to choosing what they want. Let the kid know the other kids reaction when he shared his toy. This will surely make him happy.

-At the same time you should never try to share the kids belongings without asking the kid. This too gives them the feeling of respect with regards to his belongings.

-Arrange for play dates before which you have to let the child know that sharing will be a part of the play date.

-Sharing is not only to be done with toys or other physical belongings. Kids need to be given a chance to sing together or dance together or take turns doing it.

-In play areas there can be a chance of sharing a swing. Such things are not owned by the kid or the parents. This has to be made clear to the kid. Every kid in the play area or the park has a right to play with it. Here you can also teach the kid that sharing is mutual. If he shares the swing, tomorrow some other kid will share with him.

-Introduce the concept of lending and borrowing. Tell them to ask for something they need in a polite way. Also while lending a toy he can ask the other kid to return it in some time.

Do not yell at the kid for not sharing. Be a little patient on this topic and you will see the positive results. You are responsible for the social development of your kid. With your help they will surely overcome this challenge.

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